When to Get Oral Surgery

We know that no one wants to lose a tooth, but sometimes tooth extraction is the best option. If a tooth in severely infected or cannot be restored it may have to be extracted.

Dr. Austria, a Dentist in Portland OR, can remove the most difficult teeth and it will be a comfortable experience.

Here at Bethany Family Dental, we offer sedation dentistry to help make you comfortable during the procedure.

For many, the idea of visiting a dentist can cause enough anxiety to postpone routine visits and avoid taking care of issues when they are small. When fear interferes with proper dental care, it generally leads to larger, more significant & more expensive types of treatment being necessitated.

Dr. Austria understands when the fearful patients come to the dentist becuase of pain the idea of treatment can be an overwhelming experience.

Intravenous Sedation (IV) is a solution for many apprehensive patients who require dental treatment. Dr. Austria received his training at Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) and is certified with the Oregon State Board and with the American Dental Association.

Whether your tooth extraction is a simple or a complex procedure we can meet you needs, we’ll work with you to develop a treatment plan that fully addresses any worries that you may have.

Our philosophy is that an educated and informed patient has substantially less anxiety about the procedure, and we always make sure to include you in the decision making process.

We also offer treatment options including dental implants and dentures to help restore the natural beauty of your smile after your tooth extraction.

When it comes to oral surgery, there are many reasons you may need it.

• Wisdom Teeth Removal

• Dental Bone Grafting

• Ridge Modification

• Ridge Augmentation

• Sinus Augmentation

• Bone Regeneration

Dental implants and other restorative procedures depend on the jawbone being sufficiently strong and thick. When periodontal disease has taken hold, the jawbone may have become too thin to successfully support an implant. Natural bone regeneration (or bone grafting) is one of the best ways to promote growth and thicken the jawbone.

Initially, bone grafting material is obtained from elsewhere on the body or from a bone bank. The gums are gently pulled back, and an opening is made in the jawbone where the grafting material will be packed in tightly. A membrane is used to maintain the shape of the new bone, and tissue stimulating proteins and a platelet-rich growth factor may be applied to promote faster healing. The surgical site will be sutured and packed with protective material. The bone will naturally regenerate and become strong enough to eventually support an implant.

If you want a consultation with the doctor please make an appointment and see us today.

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