Is Dental Implant Surgery Right for You?

Here at Bethany Family Dental, we get many patients who come in asking about possibilities of dental implants and is it right for them. The reality is, as we age, we produce less saliva, which can make it harder for the mouth to keep bacteria moving along in the mouth. Which means in general as we age we are at a greater risk for infections such as gum disease and tooth decay. Many adults end up with swollen gums or gums that often bleed.

We are not all prone to cavities, however as we age the teeth often loosen and they will fall out. Some patients explain that it is tough to lose their teeth, but we always say that there are options that are safer now more than ever that can help you replace your missing teeth. Dental implant surgery is a wonderful way to replace missing or damaged teeth. In a more permanent way, bridgework or dentures is a different type of solution.

Implants are fastened to your jaw surgically. As we take an artificial tooth and permanently put it in your mouth. It’s important to understand all aspects of dental surgery including the before and after surgery procedure. The bones will need months to heal. It takes time and ultimately fusing it with the bone is part of the process. Bridgework or dentures can sometimes damage the bone, whereas a dental implant will not.

Note that dental implant surgery will not usually require an overnight stay at a hospital, but it is performed in a hospital or a dental office that has an outpatient procedure. Over time you will heal and the tooth will be attached. It is put into your mouth securely and will look, act and function as a real tooth. There are such things as removable implant prosthetics, you can remove these to clean them or repair them, it’s similar to an old fashion artificial tooth, a plastic gum or dentures. If you’re considering dental implants talk to Doctor Austria today to talk about your options.

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