Best Foods to Detox Your Teeth

Here at Bethany Family Dental, your health is our top priority. We have patients that come in and ask about detoxes. We know that detoxing can be overwhelming, especially with so many companies advertising powders, shakes and new products that are on the market. And different professionals recommending fasts and cleanses it can be hard to know where to start.

But as a professional dentist, Dr. Nathan Austria always says return to basics. There are foods that you can eat that can help detox your body and improve your oral health which should cause you to smile.


Beets are a good food to help you detox the body. Beets are loaded with magnesium, calcium and iron and they will help your liver and gallbladder breakdown toxins.  Beets have lots of fiber that will help you digest your food. You can drink them by juicing them or simply shred beets on top of your salad or in fresh juice.


Apples are good for your oral health. They are loaded with fiber.¬†Often apples are considered nature’s toothbrush. Make sure to eat organic apples to avoid the chemicals and pesticides. Apples in general are loaded with calcium and vitamin A and D.


Lemons can help jumpstart your day, especially if you put a slice of lemon in your water. Lemons will start your digestive system and help stimulate the release of vitamin C which will convert toxins in your body. Lemons can stimulate your liver as well as purify your blood.

Lemons can help you smile and stay cavity free, because when you eat them you your mouth produce more saliva and when you have more saliva it pushes away bacteria that can prevent cavities.

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are healthy for you and can help you prevent diseases. You can put green vegetables into your diet easily by juicing them or simply adding more to your daily diet.


Eat more raw garlic for great health. It is very good for you. In fact it has a natural antibiotic property in it, which can help stimulate your liver and help detoxify your body the digestive system.

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