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Facilities and Equipment

Dr. Austria and his staff utilize the latest in technology to enhance the quality and comfort of your dental care, making Bethany Family Dental a highly prized Portland dentist.  We want to be your choice for family dental care In Portland, so give us a call today to get started!

Bethany Family Dental Advanced Dental TechnologyDigital Imagery

Digital imaging enables us to see beyond what can generally be detected during a visual exam, allowing us to identify cavities in between your teeth, determine bone level, and analyze the health of your bone.

Dr. Austria can also examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions such as cysts or tumors, and assess damage when trauma occurs.

Timing of x-rays is tailored specifically to each patient’s needs. With digital imaging, exposure time is about 50% less when compared to traditional methods. Digital imaging also provides patient images that can be quickly and easily transferred to specialists or insurance companies.  CBCT-Cone Beam Computed Tomography 3-D Imaging

CT scans are for accurate surgical planning, detection of root fractures and bone density.

Laser Surgery

Bethany, OR dentist, Dr. Austria, is certified in laser surgery techniques, providing non-invasive surgical procedures for those patients dealing with periodontal disease. This advanced form of dental technology allows Dr. Austria to remove harmful bacteria from gum tissue without causing unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Used to treat mild to severe forms of periodontal disease, laser surgery can also be used to remove unwanted gum tissue as well as cosmetic reshaping of the gum line.

Compared with traditional surgery, laser surgery techniques performed by Dr. Austria preserves gum tissue, avoids cutting and suturing techniques, and eliminates a high percentage of bacteria, preventing it from recurring.

Platelet Rich Plasma

platelet rich plasmaPlatelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a by-product of blood that is exceptionally rich in platelets. PRP has long been used in hospitals to accelerate the body’s own healing process, but it is only fairly recently that advances in technology have allowed this same technique to be used in the dental office.

The blood platelets perform several essential functions in the body, including blood clot formation and the release of growth factors that help to heal wounds. These growth factors stimulate the stem cells to produce new host tissue as quickly as possible, which is why platelet rich plasma is so effective in the post-treatment healing process.

Dental Anxiety

The office offers either conscious sedation or general anesthesia for dental treatment. Sedation is a process to establish a relaxed, easy and calm state through the use of oral anti-anxiety medication, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), or intravenous (IV) sedation given via injection into the blood vessels of the hand or arm. Although most conscious sedation can help in managing the pain and anxiety, most dental treatment still requires a local anesthetic injected in the mouth.

General anesthesia is another procedure offered to our patients requiring no injection in the mouth. This procedure can be performed at the office on reasonably healthy patients, and can also be done at the hospital for those higher risk group.