Meet Doctor Austria

Bethany Family Dental, PC was the first dental practice established in the Bethany area by Dr. Austria in 1999. He was particularly attracted to the neighborhood feel, the friendliness, and the active lifestyles of the people. Dr. Austria greatly appreciates the patient relationships he has developed over the years and is truly honored by the opportunity in treating their dental needs.

Dr. Austria has been providing general and specialty procedures for over 25 years with extensive post-graduate training and is certified to perform various types of specialized procedures. He maintains an additional level of anesthesia permit to perform intravenous sedation, a procedure performed routinely in his office for patients that require it and a nice option for longer procedures. Another procedure not typically offered in dental offices is (PRP) platelet rich plasma, a procedure that accelerates wound healing and minimizing post operative pain, most advantageous for diabetics and patients who don’t heal well.

Dr. Austria strives to better his craft through advancement in technology and education so that his patients may receive the best possible care. When Dr. Austria is not focusing on his work he enjoys the outdoors and traveling with family.